PS4 games continue to sell out of their PS5 counterparts in Japan

PS4 games continue to sell their PS5 counterparts in Japan, forcing publishers to remain commited cross-gen.

Because of the higher sales of two-gen games on PS4 compared to PS5, publishers continue to develop both platforms. The sales in Japan for PS5 are currently suffering because of low use of consoles, resellers, and lack of major releases targeting the local market.

As shown from the sales data released by Famitsu, PS4-based cross-gen games are selling three times faster than PS5-based games. This is contrary to the trend seen in the US and the UK, where PS5 hits the top 10 in sales.

That reported that the Japan stock price was high when local retailer GEO started offering only the option to buy the new console for PS4 owners. The retailer claimed that they were taking anti-resale measures with the manufacturers, but there was a trend towards an increase in the number of drunks who scam the console using fake IDs in the GEO online store and the GEO App. But instead of offering the newest generation of PS2, the company used to reduce the harsh countermeasure with the exception of offering the PS5 to those who already own the PS4 a lot.

Without revealing the consequences, they can prove that they have made things more difficult for people who are interested in purchasing a PS5 to personal use.

There was a good chance that the stock post-5 would improve in the coming months. Hiroki Totoki, who is currently Chairman of Sony Group Corporation’s Board of Directors, revealed that PS5 has slowly recovered from the second quarter of 2022. According to him, the production of PS5 is now experiencing less problems, since there are a lot less restrictions on supply of components. However, the timing of logistics hasn’t reached pre-Covid levels yet.

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