PS5: How To Switch Off A Console?

Welcome to our guide “PS5: How To Switch Off A Console?”. Since power controls are hidden, it may get tough sometimes to figure out how to switch off your console. So, Here’s how to switch off a PS5. 

How to switch off a PS5 console?

You may not want to learn how to switch off your PS5 console in order to fully enjoy your latest purchase, but you will have to understand how to do so at one point. If you’re using a PS4, the process is slightly different, however there are still UI as well as manual options. The power and the eject switches are nearly hidden on the slick black face of the PS5, simply look downwards at the bottom part of the console for two small, pill-shaped buttons. If you’re vertically oriented, then the power button is at the bottom. It’s the right-side button if you’re placing the PS5 horizontally.

In the PS5 UI, a pretty short press of a PlayStation button, instead of the long press used on the PS4, brings up the newest Control Panel area, where you may turn off the PS5. Within the Control Panel, look to the right-side for the signature power symbol. You have three choices here – Enter Rest Mode, Turn Off PS5, Restart PS5. Rest Mode allows your PS5 to finish a lot of behind-the-scenes work like upgrades and downloads. The option to just switch it off and save electricity is also available.

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