PS5 version of The Plague: Requiem will use a lot of dual-sense controllers to drive a game

When you decide which version of A Plague Tale: Requiem you should get, the deciding factor that could move you towards PlayStation 5 over PC and Xbox Series X is the dual-Sense controller. In a new post on the Official PlayStation Blog, Asobo Studio details what you can expect from the PlayStation 5, along with an automatic controller, when the game launches. Out of the PS5, in addition to a number of sensors, you can monitor 300,000 rats immediately. You can also use the Microsoft Firearms to use the drive mode, and drive it to a virtual machine.

There’s what the developer says.

One of the most revolutionary innovations of the DualSense controller is haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. After we got started thinking about the future, we re-imagined how to play it, while still working on the implementation of innocence in the next generation of consoles, which allowed us to think of the most suitable options for our new game. Requiem will introduce real physics response and related gameplay improvements. The sensory feedback provided will give a realistic sense of use of weapons and tools. For example, if a weapon requires much pressure, adaptive triggers will adjust the feel of the force being applied to the player. The sling is very sharp, so if you hold the button too long, you’ll become more precise. Adaptive triggers give the impression that the shooting becomes more difficult, which works as a marker to the player, and it predicts the time of the shooting time. Amicia is to have a new weapon, the crossbow, who will follow the same rules. Despite that, its physique isn’t the same as a sling. It’s better than it uses but is slower than it has. These sensory characteristics will play their role in simulation thanks to adaptive triggers. You will need to press the first button to do the crossbow and the second to fire. This next-generation vibration technology allows us to add physical reactions to players actions is absolutely incredible for us developers. We’ve been used to mixing image and sound, so that we can create direct effects on the players fingers and simulate a real instrument.

The sound also comes from a control. The loud sound is combined with the built-in speaker to play weapon sounds when using a sling or crossbow – the sound converts to haptic feedback. Asobo Studio explained: “Alsoobo” is an alternative to the housework project.

Draughter can be subtly felt through stereo vibrations. Like you can touch sounds. The same applies to explosions and real-time cutscenes; the same effect will affect you physically owing to the wide range of touch input provided by the DualSense controller. The features that this provides bring a lot of new dimension to the gameplay. You can feel movements around you like the way rats come from! The game can offer richer situations, thanks to the increased awareness of the environment, which will not only involve direct interactions, but also semi-remote elements.

Asobo mentions how the DualSense controller is able to allow you to feel individual steps while sprinting. It will be interesting to see if these new feature add to the enjoyment of playing the game on PS5 as well.

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