Putin’s forces outwitted by ‘video game nerds’ using drones

A Ukrainian soldier has revealed how he has enlisted “young nerds” under his command to pilot drones in order to identify the location of Russian forces to Ukrainian artillery.

Russia’s forces vastly outnumber their Ukrainian foe, but since invading almost three months ago, there have been consistent reports of soldiers destroying their own units and losing morale.

This is in stark contrast to Ukrainian troops on the frontline, who have drawn support from the forthright leadership of President Volodymr Zelenskyy – who has reportedly escaped death squad hits – and national celebrities including Vitali Klitschko, who has remained to fight.

Now, with the war dragging on into its third month, one Ukrainian soldier claims to have enlisted the help of young video-gamers, using their technical skills to outwit enemy forces with drones.

Interviewed on US news channel CNN, Ukrainian soldier Volodymyr Demchenko told a reporter about the benefits of the novel tactic.

There have been reports of Vladimir Putin’s troops losing morale

“Imagine you are having your infantry… and they need to go into the village, imagine how much easier it is if there is a drone in front of them telling them, ‘hey guys, there is a tank, there is a vehicle, there is a group of enemies on the left’, they just prepare,” he explained.

“Now in each platoon we have a guy with a drone. It’s funny to say but most of these drone guys are just young nerds who used to play video games.

“Of course if they are the youngest guys, like 18 years-old, nobody will send them to liberate the villages, but they can do their job sitting from five kilometres away. It’s kind of fun for them.”

GamerCityNews 0_gJPG Putin’s forces outwitted by 'video game nerds' using drones
A Ukrainian soldier has claimed that he is enlisting nerds to use drones to find Russian soldiers

Delving further into how the operation would work to identify Russian positions, Volodymyr described how scoping missions would be performed by eight people using drones over the space of ten days.

These would be flown over the local area, allowing the team to specifically map out where enemy fighters had located themselves nearby.

This then allows the group to feed back to military commanders in charge of weaponised drones, who can use the technology to eliminate platoons of Russian troops.

“We invite a serious drone, those ones that can stay in the air for two hours, and I would send it with them, so I was pointing where they would need to fly,” the soldier said.

GamerCityNews 0_g3JPG Putin’s forces outwitted by 'video game nerds' using drones
Ukrainian soldiers reportedly have drones in every platoon

“They have a connection with artillery and we were working on each target.”

The consequences of his tnew initiative have been fatal for some of Vladimir Putin’s reportedly labouring forces.

Standing on the sight of one of his drone-co-ordinated bombing raids, Volodymyr claimed to have targeted twenty troops, killing ten of them in one swoop.

This comes as sources in Ukraine suggested that Russian soldiers have accidentally incinerated their own men by firing flamethrowers at them.

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