Raiders news: John Madden on the cover of his own video game

The namesake of the most iconic video game of all-time is, once again, the face of the game.

EA Sports announced Wednesday morning that the late, great John Madden will grace the cover of its next edition, Madden 23. Every year, the unveiling of the cover person of the game is an anticipated event in both the sports and gaming world. EA Sports couldn’t have gotten this choice any more right.

Madden died December 28, 2021 after a short illness at the age of 85. Madden, who was last featured on the cover of his own game 23 years ago, has the been name and voice of the immensely popular video game since 1888. In fact, Wednesday’s announcement of the Madden 23 cover comes on the 34th anniversary of the first launch of the game.

Madden is perhaps the biggest figure in football history. He was a Super Bowl winning, Pro Football Hall of Fame coach of the Oakland Raiders, he was a legendary broadcaster and commercial pitch man and finally, the namesake of the wildly popular video game. Grandparents, parents and children all know Madden.

Hence, this is the perfect honor for the late legend.

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