Rare look at Ghostbusters: The Video Game’s early development

A few months back, we took a closer look at The Rookie, Ghostbusters: The Video Game’s playable character, who, during the production, saw a pretty drastic makeover and would eventually go on to etch out a small legacy for himself, starring in various comics and even receiving his very own action figure.

While the game was in the early stages of production, there was a debate on exactly who should play The Rookie, with an initial push of hiring a well-known Hollywood actor. After deciding that this may prove a bit too distracting to the player, and with developers of the game, Terminal Reality wanting to keep production costs down, they’d eventually settle on Ryan French, an associate producer at Sierra Entertainment, the game’s original publisher.

Along with French, Eric Schatz, a Terminal Reality level designer, was cast in the role of The Rookie, at least during the early stage of production. While some have claimed that Schatz was replaced due to the character looking a bit too much like Half-Life’s Gordon Freeman, i.e., black rim glasses and a dark goatee, the use of Schatz’s likeness was always believed to be temporary, being seen as only part of the greenlight build.

Today, in a bit of a surprise, a handful of images from the early days of development have surfaced online thanks to game designer Bob Cooksey’s Art Station account.

Cooksey did the modeling work for two of the game’s most memorable levels, Time Square and Central Park Cemetery. The below images provide early, unfinished concepts, accompanied by a look at Schatz as The Rookie.

Given that this build was designed to be seen only by those internally at Terminal Reality, it’s not surprising that the branding within Time Square is made up of real-world products, including Samsung, Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Planters Peanuts, and more.

One notable billboard is that of Bloodrayne II, another game developed by Terminal Reality, which Cooksey also worked on.

For more of Cooksey‘s work, check out his Art Station profile here.

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