Satirical Indie Hit Not For Broadcast Coming to PlayStation, Xbox

The propaganda sim, and holder of the Guinness World Record title for most FMV in a game, Not For Broadcast is bringing its surreal brand of news-editing to consoles, along with additional DLC. The game immerses players into a world of British live broadcast television. Set in an alternate 1980’s reality, players take the role of editor for Channel One’s National Nightly News show. With no time to plan, the editor must make sure the show goes smoothly, no matter how temperamental guests or newscasters may get.

Pick the perfect camera angle, bleep out swearing and dangerous ideas, or make an occasional editorial decision that might alter the course of history. The new Live & Spooky DLC takes players back to the editing room to make a ghost story. Send news anchors and crew to spooky sites, use special effects for better ratings and rely on a totally real spirit medium for guidance. Players call all the shots in this title. Not For Broadcast and the Live & Spooky DLC launch on PlayStation and Xbox One Series S|X on March 23.

Start plotting ideas with the Spooky DLC Announcement:

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