Sega Genesis ‘Ghostbusters: Special Edition’ hack adds Vigo the Carpathian as part of unforgiving Nightmare Mode

With the birth of a new year, the season of evil has seemingly arrived, as Ghostbusters: Special Edition, the upcoming fan-made mod of the classic 1990 Sega Genesis video game, will see the addition of Vigo the Carpathian through the introduction of Nightmare Mode.

One of those behind the project, BillyTime!Games made the announcement through Twitter, showing that when holding down the B button during the game’s startup, fans will be greeted by the Sorrow of Moldavia, commanding the Ghostbusters to accept his challenge. Those brave enough to answer the call will find that not only will the game be set to the hardest difficulty, but all starting items will be stripped away, only one life will be given, no continues, and saves will be disabled.

For an overview of the mode, including seeing it in action, check out today’s feature:

Along with the much harder difficulty, BillyTime!Games also showed off a couple of new uniform colors, bringing the in-game total up to six, with our personal favorite being the inclusion of Psychomagnotheric Pink! It seems almost fitting, considering Nightmare Mode will likely feed off your numerous ill attempts like a cop at a doughnut factory.

Finally, we’ve got an updated look at Ghostbusters: Special Edition’s headlining addition, Winston Zeddemore. As documented, Ghostbusters’ everyman was questionably left out of the game, with these efforts from modders Danilo DiasBillyTime!Games and Master Lunkeui set to finally write that wrong, more than 30 years since its original release.

GamerCityNews winston_gameplay Sega Genesis 'Ghostbusters: Special Edition' hack adds Vigo the Carpathian as part of unforgiving Nightmare Mode

If you missed it, earlier this year, Danilo Diaz, who’s handling the graphical mods, shared images of Winston’s victory scenarios and the process of adapting the character from film to game.

While there’s no estimated release window in place, when ready, the required mod file will be uploaded to Fans will then need to apply that file to the easily attained ROM of the Ghostbusters Sega Genesis game. If this process seems a bit fuzzy, we’ll likely post a quick tutorial once available, so subscribe to the Ghostbusters News YouTube channel.

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