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IGN reported on Saturday that film director Christophe Gans (Crying Freeman, 2006 Silent Hill), who is working on the upcoming Silent Hill film, stated in an interview with French news website Movie and Game that Konami is developing new Silent Hill games. He also stated that the company is looking to “revive the franchise” and that “there are several games” in production.

Gans stated during the interview that he is working with the original creators of the franchise at Konami as well as several different teams that are all working on the new games. However, he is not working directly on the games. He also confirmed that he has not been working with Hideo Kojima. He further elaborated that the success of the remakes of the Resident Evil had an influence on Konami‘s decisions regarding the Silent Hill franchise.

Victor Hadida (live-action Resident Evil film franchise) is producing the upcoming Silent Hill film.
Gans previously stated that the new “will still be set in that ‘small American town’ atmosphere, where puritanism devastated everything.”

Gans previously directed the Silent Hill live-action film starring Radha Mitchell and Sean Bean that opened in 2006. M.J. Bassett later directed the Silent Hill: Revelation film that opened in 2012.

Konami‘s Silent Hill horror game franchise debuted in 1999. The most recent game in the main Silent Hill series is Silent Hill: Downpour, which launched for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in March 2012. The Silent Hill: Book of Memories PlayStation Vita spinoff game launched in October 2012.

Sources: Movie and Game, IGN (Logan Plant)

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