Silent Hill Movie Director Says Video Game Reboot Is Happening

The director behind the 2006 Silent Hill movie has said that Konami is very much in the process of rebooting its dormant survival-horror franchise. For a prolonged period of time, rumors and reports have continued to circle suggesting that a new era of Silent Hill is about to kick off. And while none of this speculation has resulted in any actual announcements from Konami, it sounds like this silence will be coming to an end before long. 

In a recent conversation with JeuxActu, Christophe Gans, who directed the film adaptation of Silent Hill over 15 years ago, said in a very definitive manner that Konami is in the process of bringing the video game series back. Gans acknowledged that some fans have picked up on the leaks and rumors associated with this revival and he confirmed that, to his knowledge, this is all accurate. He also talked about how a new movie associated with Silent Hill is part of this reboot plan as well. 

 “The franchise is going to be relaunched in terms of video games, and therefore the film will become part of a global policy,” Gans said in the conversation. “I believe that on a forum, someone deduced that and he is absolutely right; in other words, the film is indeed part of a whole.”

Gans went on to also say that part of the reason why Konami may have felt prompted to return to Silent Hill at this point in time is due to the success of Capcom’s recent Resident Evil remakes. “I work with Konami. Konami’s are all about it and I think they’ve been galvanized by the success of the Resident Evil 2 and 3 reboots, which are marvelous games, “Gans said.

When this Silent Hill revival might actually come about remains to be seen, but given how much the franchise has been in headlines lately it seems like Konami might have something to announce in the coming months. Assuming that such news does end up coming about, we’ll be sure to update you here on once we have something official to go off of. 

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