Skate 4 Will Be Free-to-Play, Won’t Have Pay-to-Win Mechanics, is Officially Titled ‘skate.’, EA Announces

EA has revealed that Skate 4, officially titled ‘skate.’, will be coming to Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, as a free-to-play title. However, EA and developer Full Circle has offered assurances that there won’t be pay-to-win mechanics or paywalls locking off areas of Skate’s map.

Paid loot boxes are seemingly off the table too, and microtransactions promise to be only for cosmetic items. Skate will feature support for cross-play and cross-progression, and although it isn’t being positioned as a sequel to the original three Skate games for Xbox 360 and PS3, its city of San Vansterdam is apparently set within the same universe as San Vanelona, from the previous titles.

Skate is currently undergoing a closed playtest, which has inevitably led to footage being leaked online, including gameplay from a cracked version of the game. “We’re aware of an earlier version of the game that has been distributed without our authorization,” Full Circle said in a statement. “This build is from September 2021 and was never intended for external use.”

You can find out more in the game’s new video series, ‘The Board Room’ (via VGC), below. Skate will be coming to Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, though whether it’ll be releasing for both current-gen and last-gen, or only Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, is currently unknown.

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