Skull and Bones ESRB listing appears, this thing might actually be happening

More evidence that Skull and Bones (opens in new tab) is a videogame that will someday see the light of day has surfaced in the form of an official Entertainment Software Rating Board listing (opens in new tab). The M (Mature 17+) listing doesn’t contain a date, but it does actually exist, and that’s a big step in its own right.

Skull and Bones, for those who have lost track, was originally announced in June 2017, but despite a promising initial presence (opens in new tab) it was soon cursed with the doldrums: Multiple delays pushed it into 2019, then 2020, and then an open-ended whenever (opens in new tab). Things began to coalesce earlier this year, though, and in March Ubisoft actually put out a call for playtesters (opens in new tab)—another big sign that, yes, progress is being made.

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