Sodapoppin recalls how a management company responded to his early Blizzard sponsorship

Twitch streamer Chance “Sodapoppin” created a buzz when he disclosed what a management company said to him early in his career about Blizzard, the creator of the MMORPG sensation World of Warcraft.

While deciding what to play in a recent livestream, Chance was asked whether he had received World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King beta access, to which he replied:

“I’m not in the beta, actually. I’ve been checking, I don’t really want to play Wrath beta, so I’m not really playing. But I’m so curious if I am going to get in, you know, just out of sheer curiosity.”

He went on to further mention that the creators at Blizzard never gave him beta access to any of their games until he begged for it. Chance recalled a time when he used to be a top streamer on twitch and didn’t get the beta access to the first installment of the famous Overwatch game.

He also recalled an incident where he was asked by a management company to make a video for Diablo 3, but it was never released. While recalling the reason for doing so, he mentioned what the management company said to him:

“Hey, Blizzard really doesn’t like you.”

Sodapoppin talks about his first Blizzard sponsorship

The Twitch streamer thinks that someone in the company has a personal feud against him and that the person allegedly tried to sabotage his chances of getting on the list for the Overwatch beta rollout. He also spoke about the earlier days when he got his first sponsorship to play the new ‘Crusader Class’ in Diablo 3.

“It was actually my first ever sponsored opportunity. I’m living in Michigan at the time, I’m 19 years old, and they’re not even paying that much- I’m just excited like OH SH*T! And all they wanted was a YouTube video of playing and showing off the crusader class.”

Sodapoppin revealed an incident in which a management company hired him and Nick “Nmplol” to shoot a video of the crusader class and they did it. However, when the release date arrived, they backed off saying:

“We fu**ed up, we’re sorry. They don’t want to have you do the video, but we already had you make it, and we already told you we’d pay you. So here’s what we will do, we will give you half the money to not release it. And if you do release it you get nothing.”

Fans react to Sodapoppin’s revelation

Fans, in reaction to Sodapoppin’s claims, pointed out how edgy and toxic the community of gamers used to be at the time when the said events took place. One redditor wrote about how the top WoW streamer himself was very rude and made inappropriate remarks about the customer support staff at Blizzard.

One redditor sympathized with the former War of Warcraft pro and termed the personal vendetta against him as ‘social media envy.’

Sodapoppin’s remarks on Blizzard have surely raised suspicions about the gaming giant, but many fans have argued that the streamer himself indulged in ill practices against the company.

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