Some PS5 games could soon have in-game adverts

Sony has reportedly begun developing a system of advertising within free-to-play games, according to a report by Business Insider. In-game ads are expected to launch on games that are free to download and play from Sony’s PlayStation Store, and will act as a way for developers to monetise their work and encourage them to create more free-to-play titles.

These ads wouldn’t necessarily come in the form of pop-ups or un-skippable videos, but instead exist within the game’s world; think billboards or posters within the game’s environment that gamers will encounter during their playtime. However, there is the possibility for more overt forms of advertising according to Insider, with the option for gamers to watch advertisements in exchange for in-game rewards. This is a system that many free-to-play mobile titles have been using for some time. Sony is reportedly looking to feature advertisements within PlayStation 5 titles before the end of this year.

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