Someone beat every Kingdom Hearts boss with a dance pad

A Twitch streamer has beaten every Kingdom Hearts boss in the first JRPG game by only using the power of dance – or, more specifically, with a Dance Dance Revolution 2 dance pad controller. That includes all of the toughest ‘super boss’ enemies too, such as the Phantom and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII.

There are many wonderful stories about players using inventive controllers to beat challenging games, such as someone defeating one of Elden Ring’s most intimidating bosses entirely with bananas. Twitch stream MomoPkmn95 was inspired by players beating Dark Souls games with the likes of a Rock Band drum set and, yes, a dance pad to give it a go themselves – in Kingdom Hearts 1.

Most of the attempt to beat the first Kingdom Hearts game with a dance mat can be seen on MomoPkmn95’s Twitch channel, otherwise there are highlights on YouTube – including their dance-off with some of the RPG game‘s toughest bosses, which you can see in the video below.

“I became curious about using a dance pad as a PS2 controller,” MomoPkmn95 explains. “The idea worked, however, it was very limiting.” After seeing the Dark Souls run-through, they decided to give it another go but had to wait until they had the “right PC setup”. “Now that I have what is needed to do this, I decided to make the dream a reality.” Check it out.

This comes hot off the heels of the announcement of Kingdom Hearts IV, with a trailer that seems to hint at a Star Wars world in the highly-anticipated sequel. Given that one of the bosses MomoPkmn95 defeats is basically a Sith Lord, we’re not at all surprised.

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