Sort of PS5 Slim: No hardware upgrades and no disc drive compatibility with PlayStation 5 Digital Edition for the modular PS5 “Gen 2” console

There might be some considerable criticism heading Sony’s way soon if new details about the so-called modular PS5 shared by Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson are true. The source has frequently discussed upgrades and changes to the PlayStation 5, and he revealed that there was work ongoing with a console that would have a detachable disk drive, which will eventually replace the current PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition devices. This “PS5 Gen 2” would have a slimmer profile thanks to its modular nature, so it could even end up being the widely expected PS5 Slim.

While official word about a PS5 Slim would undoubtedly excite the community, Henderson’s latest tweet about PlayStation matters will likely not. Firstly, he states, “doesn’t seem like there are any major hardware changes from the original console”. So, this apparent PS5 v2 device will clearly not be any kind of PS5 Pro machine, and it won’t be the frequently rumored console coming with an improved custom SoC from AMD inside it. A sort of PlayStation 5 Slim console may be the best fans can hope for in regard to something new turning up in 2023.

However, Henderson rubs salt into the wound with the second part of his post, claiming, “disc drive likely won’t be compatible with the current digital version”. So, all those PlayStation 5 Digital Edition owners out there, and there are millions of them, may feel a pang of disappointment and even disapproval that this modular next-generation PS5 will be incapable of sharing its detachable disc drive with them. Some commenters have even called this potential situation a kind of money grab from Sony.

According to the source, production of this PlayStation 5 revision will start in April, and it could be available to buy in September. This means there will be a lot more leaks about the device to come yet, and it seems likely that Sony will make sure a PS5 Gen 2 will have plenty of selling points. If this rumored 2023 variant actually does end up being the PS5 Slim, there will still be many flocking to buy a slimmed-down and lighter PlayStation 5 console, regardless of it having a detachable and backwards incompatible disc drive.

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