Soulja Boy called a YouTuber a ‘bit–‘ after she negatively reviewed a video game console he promoted on social media

  • Two British influencers reviewed a new gaming console they believed was associated with Soulja Boy.
  • One of the creators said the touchscreen didn’t work. The other couldn’t even get it to turn on.
  • Soulja Boy responded by calling one of the women a “bit–” on Twitter.

Rapper and music producer Soulja Boy called a gaming influencer a “bit–” after she reviewed a video game console that he had promoted on social media. The company behind the console said the influencer was accidentally sent a prototype.

Sunpi, who has 100,000 YouTube subscribers, said she was sent the TRDR Pocket for free by Soulja Boy ahead of its public release so she could review it on her channel.

In her review video, she said the console, which retails for $299.99, wasn’t worth the money considering there were no games to go with it, and the touchscreen didn’t work. She said there was no trigger for shooting games, even though it was advertised as supporting “Fortnite,” a third-person shooter.

After the video was posted on August 22, Soulja Boy retweeted Sunpi, calling her a “bit–” and saying “I didn’t send u s—.”

This prompted some of his fans to accuse Sunpi of lying and “clout-chasing.”

“He acted like I bought the console and made a bad review,” she said. “Then obviously his fans try to attack me.”

Sunpi’s fellow gamer Stephanie Ijoma, who runs the YouTube and Twitch channels NNESAGA, also negatively reviewed the console, which she said she couldn’t even switch on.

“I was honest,” she told Insider. “I’m not going to lie because you’re Soulja Boy.”

The TRDR Pocket was founded by tech entrepreneur Gianni O’Connor at his company Trad3r. O’Connor told Insider the whole situation had come down to a misunderstanding and had turned into “a bit of a mess.” He said Soulja Boy had probably said the “wrong thing” but was correct when he said he hadn’t sent Sunpi and Ijoma the TRDR Pocket. O’Connor said the rapper has an endorsement deal with the video game console company, but only for the red version. The ones Sunpi and Ijomi received were sent are blue and yellow.

Soulja Boy said on Twitter that he did not send Firouzi the console.

Jerritt Clark / Getty Images

Ijomi and Sunpi both told Insider they had not been explicitly informed before their reviews that Soulja Boy was only affiliated with the red console.

On the @souljaboygame Instagram and Soulja Boy’s own account there are photos and videos advertising the console in all four colors.

O’Connor told Insider Sunpi and Ijoma were also sent prototypes by accident, which is why their consoles didn’t work properly.

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