Splatoon 3’s demo server tick rate only 16, same as Splatoon 2, 30% slower than Splatoon Wii U

It has been revealed by data miner, Oatmeal Dome, that the server refresh rate for Nintendo’s recent  Splatoon 3 World Premier Splatfest was a rather slow 16Hz per second. Most online games server refresh rates are 30Hz or 60Hz times per second, with some such as PC multiplayer game Valorant set at 120Hz. You generally want the same server refresh rate as the game itself, which in Splatoon 3‘s case would be 60Hz. Splatoon 2’s server tick rate was the same at 16hz whereas Splatoon on the Wii U was higher than both. Oatmeal Dome says more testing will be needed on the final game to establish what the average server tick rate would be. Splatoon 3 arrives on 9th September.

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