Stalker 2 Dev Releases Video Showing Employees Fighting in Ukraine War

The developer of Stalker 2, GSC Game World, is located in Kyiv, Ukriane, a highly dangerous location amidst the war in Ukraine. The developer announced it was working on the long-awaited Stalker 2 in 2018, but went quiet regarding the game’s status up until 2021. At that time, it was confirmed the game would launch in December 2021 and would be a day one Xbox Game Pass release. Sadly, it was delayed to late 2022 and was later delayed to sometime in 2023 after the war in Ukraine began. A lot of this is because the studio obviously had to pack up and move, with many being relocated to Czech Republic to continue working in a newly established office.

Sadly, some were unable to leave, and a new video from GSC Game World documents the harrowing reality of what’s happening in Ukraine. Many people that were working on Stalker 2 have taken up arms to help fight back against Russia or are working in small spaces, such as their own bathrooms, to continue making the game. Others were unable to document their experiences due to safety concerns, but it’s a tragic reminder that ordinary people have been forced into fighting a war. 

GSC Game World was recently able to put out a new trailer for Stalker 2, showing that they’re still able to make tremendous progress on the game despite the ongoing struggles. As of right now, Stalker 2 is aiming to launch in 2023, but given the nature of war, it’s likely not an absolute certainty. Regardless of when it comes out, the game is currently slated to launch as an Xbox console exclusive in addition to PC. It’s believed that the game will come to other platforms after a brief exclusivity window, but nothing has been confirmed by GSC Game World. 

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