Stalwart Action becomes MVP of PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) 2022: Main Event 

The first week (Main Event) of the PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) 2022 came to an end today, with Action emerging as the MVP for the stage. After three action-filled days that kept the audience on the edge of their seats, Vampire Esports from Thailand became the winners, while Team Falcons from Saudi Arabia and Stalwart Esports from Mongolia finished in the second and third spots.

Let the celebration begin as Vampire Esports hoists the #Gamers8 trophy to the sky! 🏆

Players from all 18 competing teams put forth a stupendous display of skill and gun power. Exceptional players were also rewarded with cash prizes in multiple categories.

Here are the final rankings for #2022PMWI by #Gamers8 Main Tournament 🏆Congratulations to Vampire Esports and thank you to all the participating teams!

STE Action wins the MVP award in PMWI Main Event

The Mongolian star, Action from Stalwart Esports, was declared the MVP of the Main Event, taking home a sum of $10,000. Fragging impressively, Action achieved 37 kills at an average elimination ratio of 2.06 while dealing an average damage of 425 in each match. His heroics led his team to third place in the event.

He picked up 17 kills on Day 1, but his performance saw a dip on the second day as he claimed 10 eliminations. However, he did better on the final day of the event, acquiring 13 kills.

This is not the first time that his skills have impressed fans, as he has performed well in several events. His team has also won multiple major tournaments.

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Top five players from PMWI 2022 Main Event (Image via PUBG Mobile)

MIKE, also known as Stoned, from the winning team Vampire Esports finished second on the MVP list. He was unstoppable throughout the event, bagging frags at will. He had an average elimination ratio of 1.89 and also won the Gunslinger award in the event.

With an elimination ratio of 1.72, WAVE, another member of Vampire Esports, secured third place on the MVP list. He, along with all his other teammates, fragged heavily on all three days and eventually took home the title. WAVE was the Grenade Master of the main event.

Lightning, a Chinese player from RSG, held onto the fourth spot on the MVP list. Although his team couldn’t finish in the top five, he showed impressive gameplay, earning him an avg elimination ratio of 1.83.

NVRALONE, a Team Falcons player from Saudi Arabia, was able to make his way onto the list of the top five MVPs. He secured crucial frags for his team at important junctures, helping them secure the second spot in the tournament. His elimination ratio stood at a respectable 1.44.

With the PMWI main event over, teams and viewers will now shift their focus to the After Party Showdown, which promises a massive prize pool of one million US dollars. The event will begin on August 18, lasting another three days.

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