Star Wars Comes to Elden Ring Thanks to PC Modders

Several Star Wars-themed mods have hit Elden Ring recently, allowing players to take on the big bosses of FromSoftware’s open-world hit with the big boss of the Death Star. Modders drs32 and XeIerate have done the work to let PC players charge forth as Darth Vader, complete with his iconic red lightsaber.

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In a gameplay example from YouTuber lolmetwice, viewers can see Godrick The Grafted feel the power of the Dark Side thanks to a few swift swings of the ancient weapon of the Jedi. Players hoping to recreate this will need to download both the Darth Vader armor and a separate lightsaber mod from known modding mega-site Nexus Mods. With the right setup, it makes for one Elden Ring experience that’s perfect for Star Wars Day.

Of course, the Star Wars content is a fan-made addition to the game, so it won’t work on consoles. Xbox and PlayStation have traditionally shunned player-created content in their closed ecosystems, with only a few Bethesda games and a handful of others gaining support for the feature in the last decade.

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Still, if you’re playing Elden Ring on PC and want to do a Star Wars run, the mods don’t stop at Anakin. The creators of the Darth Vader armor have already made a dual-sided lightsaber weapon and hope to add Darth Maul to the game relatively soon. Perhaps the model will even split in half when one of From Software’s giant bosses slices the player, although that would probably be too much to expect.

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