Steam Wall Dock Joins portable PC on Steam sales chart

Steam Deck doesn’t have any other possibility of selling other products on Steam Sales Chart. The portable PC has been running for 19 weeks in a row, but the newly released docking station for it is out there.

Among the games that’re on the rise, Marauders are only unique. Dieselpunk shooter about space pirates started early and scored 14,212 people at peak. You’ll likely likely increase online.

But Grounded isn’t able to reach early. In the last week of the year, the survivor only hit the chart on the record. As of last 24 years, peak online was 26,825 users, and for all time (15 months ago), 32,012.

Next, the top 10 according to revenue (taken by the five parentages of the previous week):

It’s called a swarm.

docking station for the Steam Deck.

The last FIFA edition has now been incorporated.

Need for speed repair (3).

Marauders (-).

Cyberpunk 2077 (5).

Grounded (-).

Another FIFA 23, four editions.

Before ordering one of the editions of Modern Warfare: Revelation II (9).

A pig with pigs.

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