Strange Footage Of Paul Heyman Hosting Video Game Tournament Emerges

Bizarre footage of Paul Heyman and Terry Funk hosting a video game tournament has emerged online.

Placed firmly under the title of “footage we didn’t know we needed to see” is a short clip of Paul Heyman and Terry Funk from Las Vegas in 1993.

Although on paper, nothing too strange there. After all, both men both were part of ECW and were working together to build the promotion into a rival for WCW and the WWF.

However this footage isn’t related to ECW, in fact it isn’t related to wrestling at all. The clip shows the two men hosting Nintendo Battle of the Champions II. Yes, a video game tournament.

In the short video, Heyman runs down the rules and instructions for the two competitors, before Funk breaks into his best Howard Finkel impression and announces the two players. The footage is almost surreal and has to be seen to be believed.

After his move to ECW, Terry Funk moved away from his traditional wrestling style, instead reinventing himself as one of the most hardcore wrestlers on the planet. He competed in a series of Death Matches in Japan and notably a Barbed Wire match in ECW. During this period, Funk cemented his already Hall of Fame worthy career by wining the ECW World Championship.

In recent years, Funk has struggled with a number of health issues, but speaking in April, Mick Foley, Funk’s close friend offered a positive update on his condition.

Paul Heyman continues to perform with WWE, where he appears as Special Counsel to Universal Champion, Roman Reigns.

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