Street Fighter 6 news will slow down after Summer Game Fest

After more than a week of getting non-stop news from Capcom about Street Fighter 6, the company has confirmed new information will slow down once the Summer Game Fest period ends. 

This isn’t that surprising, as the game was only fully revealed on June 4, and Capcom has been releasing small pieces of content and information to capitalize on the initial hype cycle. However, the game isn’t even set to release until 2023, so the team does need to keep a few things hidden for future reveals, ensuring those embers of hype don’t go out. 

Not only did players get the initial gameplay reveal, a nice look at the game’s new mechanics, and confirmation of several important details, but they also saw a new character in Jamie and the return of Guile, too. In addition to all of these game updates, various content creators and media teams got the chance to actually play an early build of the game, leading to even more information making its way to fans around the globe. 

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But with Summer Game Fest wrapping up, Capcom is heading back to the dojo to keep working on the game. 

“We have had so much fun showing you what Street Fighter 6 is all about this past week and a half,” Capcom said. “While we prepare to show you what’s next, we are going to be a bit more on the quiet side for a short while as we return to the development dojo. Thank you!”

All this announcement really means is that players won’t be getting big reveals every week, or short videos about certain features and inclusions every few days. There is likely one more big piece of news set to drop during the Capcom Showcase at 5pm CT on June 13—even if it is just another character reveal. 

Once that is done, Capcom will focus on building up for some bigger reveals later this Summer and beyond, with a high likelihood that new details will be shared at some big upcoming tournaments, such as CEO or Evo.

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