Super Mario RPG Remake Is Beautiful

It’s hard to believe it’s been 26 years since Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars butt-stomped its way into our lives, and while most of us geared up for the arrival of the Nintendo 64, Super Mario RPG became a forgotten relic of the Super Nintendo.

As much more than just the last Mario game to arrive on the SNES, Super Mario RPG was groundbreaking as one of the first 3D Mario games AND paving the way for later games like Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi. All these years later, it’s about time it got the justice it deserves.

What Is The Super Mario RPG Remake?

As reported by Destructoid, Digital Artist Finn has shared footage from their Super Mario RPG remake. Before the merger that made Square and Enix into the Final Fantasy powerhouse of Square Enix, the former gave us Super Mario RPG before jumping ship to Sony.

Over the years, we’ve been clamouring for a proper remake of Super Mario RPG, but like Ocarina of TimeSuper Mario 64, and GoldenEye 007, the rumours never turn into anything. Instead, Finn has given SMRPG a fresh coat of paint and shown what it could look like if Nintendo could wrangle the rights. With a different art style, this feels more like a modern reboot/sequel rather than a remake, but either way, we’re completely here for it. 

If you want to play, there’s some bad news. Responding to the recent adoration from the Mario fandom, Finn explained, “My SMRPG project, while made in a game engine, will not be available to play, for legal reasons:) similarly, I do not plan to remake a significant portion of the game as to not infringe on copyright.”


Will There Be A Super Mario RPG Remake?

When one fan asked whether there was a Patreon to support the Super Mario RPG remake, someone else joked, “Careful, supporting creators who make cool things might get you in trouble!” Still, there was a lot of love for Finn’s work. One gamer wrote, “I wish this was legit, this is making me tear up,” while another added, “Duuuuude! DUDE!! This is AMAZING!! I want to play this soooo baaaad! I NEEEEEED IT!” As you’ll know though, it isn’t that simple.

Nintendo is notoriously strict with its takedowns, and anything that comes from its back catalogue is locked behind closed doors. Still, Super Mario RPG Director Chihiro Fujioka told MinnMax how he’d love to round off his career with a Super Mario RPG sequel without Luigi. We don’t get the hate for Mario’s brother, but there we go. For the time being, you’ll need the Super NES Classic Edition or Wii U Virtual console to play Super Mario RPG. Also, remember Nintendo is shuttering the Wii U Virtual Console next year, so it looks like we’ll be waiting a bit longer to play as Mallow again. 

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