Tarik shares idea about own Valorant League in response to crypto throwers in ranked

Crypto gambling in Valorant ranked has been a hot topic of conversation among top streamers in recent days. On his most recent stream, Tarik shared the idea of a professional league for the game administered by him and a team as an alternative to the official ranked system.

After reacting to professional Valorant player tdawgg’s video about exposing crypto betting and intentional game throwing, Tarik’s answer to the problem was a separate league that would exclude crypto gamblers who deliberately pave the way for the opposition to win. This idea of his comes days after a tweet he made about creating a “high elo discord” to avoid scammers gaining traction on social media.

is it time to create a pro 10s / high elo discord? feel like all the bs in ranked has become too much. would be way more fun anyway

Tarik lays down rules players would need to follow to join hypothetical professional Valorant league to avoid crypto throwers

For those out of the loop, crypto throwing is the act of intentionally getting into a streamer’s team, as they play ranked — or bribing someone playing in that squad — to deliberately lose the match to win a bet placed on a crypto gambling website. Many Valorant streamers have pointed out this problem recently as the practice is more common in the higher ranks.

After watching tdawgg’s exposé on multiple people who did the same, the former Counter-Strike player turned popular Valorant streamer “Tarik” Celik expressed his interest in kick-starting an alternate league. This creation would only have players from higher ranks who would be vetted by professionals to ensure game-throwing for cryptocurrencies isn’t a problem.

Clearly spit-balling, the Turkish-American streamer came up with the idea of having an invite-only process for this hypothetical league. Players who are part of a franchise team or have a contract with a tier-1 organization would automatically be eligible to participate in it:

“I’m brainstorming it all. But, basically, how I see it going is that if you are a franchised player, if you’re a player on a franchise team, you can join directly. And then, if you’re a contracted player for Valorant on a tier-1 org, then you can join right away.”

Timestamp 1:22:57

Listing a number of esporting organizations such as The Guard and TSM, Tarik made it clear that players associated with them would get to enter the league for free. If someone failed to meet the aforementioned requirements, they would need to apply for an invite. Regarding this, he said:

“Otherwise you have to apply to join and you have to meet of one of these.”

Here is the list:

  1. Top 50 finish in one of the last three Acts.
  2. Contracted player on a team for over six months total in the last two years. (Valorant)
  3. Immortal 3+ in the last three Acts, with more than 500 hours streamed in Valorant in the last year.

Tarik has been using his streams to raise awareness about crypto gamblers for weeks. Considering he is currently one of the top FPS streamers on Twitch, his approach seems to be working as more people in the community have started talking about the issue.

A clip of him reacting to tdawgg’s online investigation into crypto throwers gained quite some traction after it was shared on r/LivestreamFail. It gained a lot of sympathetic comments. Furthermore, many individuals compared the situation with another one of Riot Games’ offerings: League of Legends. This title appears to have been suffering from the same crypto-gambling problem:

There’s a full thread on r/ValorantCompetitive discussing Tarik’s solution. However, most do not seem to think his plan to kick-start a new league won’t work. They pointed out that while the creation would be good for streaming, Riot’s extreme position against third-party matchmaking software would force most players to just queue normally.

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