Tech Website Retracts Claim of Placing PS5 Vertically Will Drastically Damage It

Tech-based website Wololo had recently retracted their previous claims that placing your PS5 vertically would drastically damage the console.

When the original news broke out, many within the PlayStation community had been in the state of panic, which lead to various discussions on the authenticity of the article.

Giving context, the original report claims that unopened consoles left in a vertical position would cause liquid metal to leak. As a result, it would cause damage to the motherboard and permanently damaging the console. The report also suggests that consoles left vertically would also see this issue.

The site had then addressed this issue in a Twitter thread as well as updating their original article.

The twitter thread states that they misinterpreted the words of the tech Youtuber – TheCod3r, where they mentioned unopened consoles. In actuality, what he meant was that the console itself wasn’t opened by other repair stores or the owners themselves. Although, the site still claims that this issue is still present, and leaving your PS5 consoles vertically will still cause damage to it.

It’s not to say that the issue does not persist, but it turns out that it isn’t as drastic as the original article had set it out to be. As of time of writing, Sony Interactive Entertainment has not released an official statement on this matter.

This news is republished from another source. You can check the original article here

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