Technology Company Predicts PS5 Pro, New Xbox Series X|S in 2023

A representative of the Chinese electronics company TCL Technology claimed enhanced versions of both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X|S would arrive in the years 2023-2024, Polish news site PPE reports.

TCL Technology made these projections at a conference in Poland on Wednesday. The company believes this next half generation of consoles would play at 60-120 frames per second at 2160p, a substantial jump from current consoles. There would also be an option to push the resolution up to 8K, per TCL, and specific mention was reportedly made of the latest AMD GPU, the AMD Radeon RX 7700 XT.

It’s likely TCL’s projections are based on its own research rather than on insider knowledge of Sony or Microsoft’s plans, but the prediction has legs. On Sony’s end, the PlayStation 3 launched in 2006, and the PS3 Slim followed three years later; the PS4 launched in 2013 and the PS4 Pro arrived three years after that. The PS5 launched in 2020, making a 2023 hardware revision plausible.

For Microsoft, the timeline is a little sketchier. It released the original Xbox 360 in 2005, then waited until 2010 to release a redesigned Xbox 360 S. It followed that up with the Xbox 360 E in 2013, the same year it released the Xbox One. It more closely mirrored Sony’s timeline with the Xbox One, following up its release three years later with the Xbox One S, then dropped a second revision, the Xbox One X, in 2017. Its most recent consoles, the Xbox Series X|S, also hit markets in 2020.

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