Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Release Date Delayed

Publisher Nacon announced that the Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown release date has been pushed to 2023 through an official post. Originally slated to arrive on September 2022, the open-world racer will also drop its last-gen versions for PS4 and Xbox One.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown clan rivalry and closed beta also planned

Through a blog post on Steam, the publisher believes that the game needs more time to satisfy fans of the franchise:

“…[T]he most important bit of news is that the game will now be releasing in 2023. With so much support from fans of the series, we know many of you will be disappointed, but our goal with Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is to make it the most polished gaming experience in the franchise by spending more time on its development.”

The cancelation of the PS4 and Xbox One versions was made so that the game can make “the most of the technology in the latest consoles.” Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is still slated for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. There’s currently no announcement about the Nintendo Switch version of the game, but given this statement, it would not be a surprise if it were also canceled.

Further in the post, Nacon promises to go beyond expectations for the game’s blend of street racing, social interaction, and high-end lifestyle by transforming Hong Kong Island into a “no-limits playground.”

The blog also details the clan rivalry in the game between the Sharps and the Streets as they fight over what they believe luxury car culture should be. Players can join either clan, with the Streets wanting a more “underground, nightclub vibe” and the Sharps desiring a more “subdued and sophisticated atmosphere.” Both clans will have separate headquarters with a public area accessible by all players and a VIP area open only to members who are sufficiently aligned with them.

Nacon is working on creating a schedule for closed betas as well, so they can receive critical feedback and communicate more closely with its audience.

In other news, The Last of Us Remake has been rumored to arrive this holiday season, and a voice actor has teased a Deathloop-related project that isn’t DLC.

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