Thanks To Valve, HDR Beginning To Work For Linux Gaming

Thanks to Valve’s incredible work on Steam Play and investing in low-level Linux graphics stack improvements, the latest milestone being achieved is HDR (High Dynamic Range) support beginning to work.

Pierre-Loup Griffais of Valve’s Linux team announced today that HDR support in games is beginning to correctly function under Linux. He tweeted out this morning:

“New Linux gaming milestone: with the latest work from Josh Ashton, HDR can now be enabled for real games! Tested it tonight on my AMD desktop with Halo Infinite, Deep Rock Galactic, DEATH STRANDING DC. Very early and will still need some time to bake to be useful to most.”

In any event a very exciting milestone and great to see HDR support beginning to work for games on Linux. HDR support for the Linux desktop has been an area that for years has been a work-in-progress and a sore point compared to Windows.

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