That banging DokeV trailer track is now on Spotify

If you loved the literal sound of DokeV, then good news, because the banging trailer track is now available to play on repeat via Spotify.

As you can see below, the DokeV trailer track just went live on Spotify earlier today on September 7. Although the track ‘Rockstar’ is only available to stream right now through Spotify, Korean-based DokeV developer Pearl Abyss promises it’ll be available on other streaming services around the world at some point soon.

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There are four tracks featured in the current Spotify album from Pearl Abyss, but three of them are remixes of the original Rockstar track. If you’re curious about the artist that recorded Rockstar for DokeV, then you’re unfortunately out of luck, because it appears GALACTIKA has only done work for Pearl Abyss’s new game.

Still, it’s nice that we can wile away the months until DokeV’s eventual launch with this cracking track. Right now, DokeV still doesn’t have a release window, although one outlet reported earlier this year that Pearl Abyss’s new RPG is currently targeting a release window at some point next year in 2022, for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

Music actually plays a pretty big part in DokeV. If you’re unfamiliar with the main concept behind the RPG, it actually started out life as a fully-fledged MMO, which developer Pearl Abyss has now retooled into an RPG where the player collects monsters to battle as a team, as well as using K-Pop tracks in some way to enhance their characters. Back when DokeV stole the show just last month at Gamescom Opening Night Live, we even saw one character transform into a K-Pop idol briefly, which is a pretty nifty ability to have in your back pocket in any game, really.

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