The 90s was the best decade for video game music, a study reveals. |

The 90s was the best decade for video game music, a study has shown.

The study – which looked at YouTube videos – found that video game tunes from the last ten years of the 20th century racked up 220,892,769 views.

Mortal Kombat’s ‘Techno Syndrome’ – which came out in 1992 and was composed by Oliver Adams – had the single highest number of views at 141,741,111 at the time of the study.

The 00s marked the second highest popular decade for video game music with 2007’s Portal’s track ‘Still Alive’ coming after ‘Techno Syndrome’ in the rankings. The Jonathan Coulton-composed song gathered 43,039,999 YouTube views.

Trailing behind in third place was the 10s and the 80s took home fourth place in the study by the website BestCasinosSites, which looked at 60 of the best video game songs – gathered from websites such as CNET, levelskip, NME, Collider and – and then looked at their popularity on the video sharing site.

The study also discovered the most popular video game music came from the genres of Fighting, Adventure and Puzzle. Fighting came away the runaway winner with 165,620,231 views from across the genre.

In September last year, a MRC Data Report unearthed that 28 per cent of Gen Z gamers used video games to enrich their music knowledge. This mirrors the way that previous cohorts – like millennials and Gen Xers – used television to find new music.

These findings come after the music industry teamed up with video game developers to give players virtual performances, such as Fortnite who have played venue virtually to rapper Travis Scott and producer Marshmello.

Last summer, Sony announced that they would bring some of their artists to the Roblox universe following a live virtual performance from Lil Nas X.

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