The Chex Cereal Video Game That Garnered A Cult-Like Following

The premise of 1996’s “Chex Quest,” according to IMDb, is simple: the peaceful planet of Bazoik has been invaded by mucus-like aliens known as “Flemoids’ and you, the heroic “Chex Warrior” must “zorch” the aliens back to their home planet and save the day. While “Chex Quest” is completely nonviolent, veteran video gamers may find that “Chex Quest” is strikingly similar to another popular game — one that is much more notorious and graphic than “Chex Quest.”

“Chex Quest” is a “total conversion” of Id Software’s 1993 game “DOOM” — in essence, Chex Quest uses the engine, textures, and design from “DOOM,” but it also removes all of the graphic violence for more child-friendly material. Choosing “DOOM” to be the base model for a children’s video game was, needless to say, a bizarre choice. As a result of the game’s graphic violence and multiple references to Hell, “DOOM” has been marked as one of the most controversial video games of all time (via NBC News). 

While “Chex Quest” replaced the infamous “Doomguy” fighting waves of demons with a cartoonish hero in Chex armor duking it out against goofy aliens with cereal spoons and harmless ray guns that zap enemies away, using such a controversial game ranks as one of the most bizarre marketing choices. But perhaps it was so wild and bizarre that it just seemed to work, as many fans found the game to be something of an entertaining piece of campy fun.

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