The Committee Of Experts Will Evaluate The Projects Submitted In The Video Game Program

The delegates, who will fulfill their role on an advertising honors basis, will be moderated by the head of the National Open Innovation Directorate, and must evaluate 29 projects submitted in the first call to enhance the video game industry program.

With a total amount of $250 million, the first call, which closed on July 29, will finance up to $6 million in non-refundable contributions (ANRs) to universities, technology linkage units (UVTs) and video game project submission companies .

The maximum amount of the NRA can be increased to $500,000 in the event that the project has a gender perspective, for example, in sports conspiracy or in the event that firms have a majority percentage of women in their management positions.

In Argentina, the national video game industry has tripled in size over the past six years, counting today with over 100 companies and 2,000 employees.

The companies are located throughout the country and are dedicated to both marketing their own games and selling their development services to other companies.

There are currently 105,000 students studying careers related to this field, which require a variety of tasks that include both programming and graphic arts, script, sound, voice and testing.

Similarly, firms in this sector are covered by Knowledge Economy Law and can, therefore, receive benefits, for example, a bonus corresponding to 70% of the employer’s contribution towards payment of national taxes, exemption of up to 60% of income tax. rate; and zero restrictions for exports.

According to the Observatory of the Argentine Video Game Industry, this sub-sector represented more than US$86 million in 2020, of which 77% corresponded to exports, with the United States and Canada being the main markets.

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