‘The House of the Dead’ – Remake PS4 Review: looks good

“The House of the Dead’ – Remake PS4 Review: looks good”

Because House of the Dead is one of the most well-known arcade shooters, it’s only reasonable that Sega would chose it over any of its other underappreciated classics. Thankfully, Forever Entertainment maintains its tradition of beautifully crafted remakes by not attempting to alter the tone or action of the renowned schlock-filled zombie shooter.

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The upgraded aesthetics of The House of the Dead: Replica are instantly noticeable, as the game begins with a shot-for-shot remake of the arcade’s opening attract screen. While it lacks the quality of current Resident Evil games, it maintains the original style while reinforcing it with more detailed models. It would have been easy to go for a more serious aesthetic or an overly detailed design to detract from the game’s B-movie mood, but these potential traps are gratefully avoided, and the game looks fantastic as a consequence.

The House of the Dead’s gameplay is straightforward, and nothing has changed. Players go through levels automatically and are entrusted with saving scientists in order to earn bonuses. Blasting selected items also unlocks alternate routes, making stages more difficult to complete. The gameplay strikes a good balance between simplicity and depth, as aiming and shooting are both intuitive, but those who want to make trick shots and save every scientist will be able to do so if they persevere.

One of the most significant features to Remake is the horde mode, which appears to be meant for cooperative play. It essentially takes the main game and adds additional zombies to the mix, resulting in an overwhelming experience that isn’t as refined as the original. This mode is essentially a miss unless you’re breezing through the main game on its hardest difficulty setting, as it is hard for the sake of being hard, and this poor tuning loses sight of the charm that makes the base game sing.

Because they are so important to the experience and the genre as a whole, the controls for a console adaptation of a light gun shooter will always be the elephant in the room. Motion controls have become commonplace in recent years, even if they don’t quite match the experience of a real light gun. The PlayStation 4 version currently features two different control schemes: one that uses the analogue stick for aiming and another that employs the DualShock or DualSense’s gyroscopic tilt functions. While the lack of support at launch is frustrating, Forever is working on a patch that will enable PlayStation Move controller functionality.

The two current control approaches each have advantages and disadvantages, therefore there is no simple recommendation that will meet everyone’s demands. It plays like a current first-person shooter while using the analogue stick, and players may select whether to aim with the left or right stick. Although you’ll never be able to go from one side of the screen to the other as quickly as you can with your hand, this method works rather well.

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The motion controls will appeal to players who want more freedom and faster motions, albeit they can be troublesome at times and necessitate a lot of cursor resetting, which interrupts the game’s flow. In the end, PlayStation Move support will almost certainly be the best option, which makes it all the more odd that it wasn’t ready for launch. Switching between them demonstrates the advantages of the two control techniques, and while both work well enough, the lack of a clear-cut better option holds it back.

Excellent remake of Panzer Dragoon,

The House of the Dead: Recreation comes with a few more qualifiers than Forever Entertainment’s excellent remake of Panzer Dragoon, but it definitely took the same amount of time and work. While the lack of a real light gun makes it a little more difficult to truly enjoy outside of the arcade, the remake looks good and has been authentically recreated. The horde mode isn’t the game’s most important update, but there’s certainly plenty of replayability here, and long-time fans will enjoy seeing it with a fresh coat of paint.

SCORE: 7.5/10

A score of 7.5 equals “Good,” according to ComingSoon’s review guidelines. It’s a successful piece of entertainment worth seeing, but it might not be for everyone.

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