‘The Last of Us’ Is the First Great Video-Game Adaptation and There’s a Good Reason Why

On Sunday, “The Last of Us” enjoyed HBO’s second-biggest series premiere since 2010, with 4.7 million viewers. Just one day later, that number had more than doubled, HBO Max announced. Oh yeah, and the adaptation of the 2013 PlayStation game is also currently sitting at 99 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. (Steve Greene of IndieWire gave the first episode an “A” grade.)

What we’re saying is “The Last of Us” sure ain’t your mom and dad’s video-game adaptation. And HBO can thank Asad Qizilbash for that. In 2019, Qizilbash formed PlayStation Productions inside the walls of Sony. The goal was to never let an excellent PlayStation game end up as a bad movie or TV show.

The 19-year veteran of PlayStation, who previously led the gaming company’s marketing team, had a simple plan. Rather than continue licensing out their biggest games to film executives who haven’t played a video game since “Ms.

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