The Last of Us Part 1 PC release date, pre-order, changes

The Last of Us Part 1 is officially coming to PC, with a release date having been revealed by Naughty Dog and Sony. Very soon, you will be able to step into the post-apocalyptic world of Joel and Ellie on a PC and not just on a PlayStation.

Joining the likes of God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Days Gone, TLOU Part 1 is the latest in Sony’s efforts in porting its best PlayStation games onto PC.

The game is a port of the PS5 remake of Naughty Dog’s seminal post-apocalyptic epic and comes just in time for those looking to play the game after watching The Last of Us TV series (which was recently compared to The Mandalorian by Pedro Pascal).

As with other PlayStation games launching on PC, expect this one to come with your usual slate of customisation options, potentially improved graphics, and more.

Excited to play the game for the first time on PC, or looking to replay it on a new platform with expanded graphical options? Read on to find out when The Last of Us Part 1 PC release date is, how to pre-order, and what it changes/upgrades.

When is The Last of Us Part 1 PC release date?

The Last of Us Part 1 PC release date is 3rd March 2023. This is nearly 10 years to the day after the game originally launched on the PS3 but just half a year after the release of the PS5 remake. Finally, you will be able play this classic on the PC.

Until that date comes, you can check out the big new games of this month with our handy video below.

Can I pre-order The Last of Us Part 1 on PC?

Yes, you can pre-order The Last of Us Part 1 on PC. You can pre-purchase the game right now on Steam for £49.99.

Pre-ordering TLOU Part 1 on Steam bags you a couple of bonus items:

  • Bonus Supplements
  • Bonus Weapon Parts

While not much, these bonus items will help ensure your survival in the unforgiving clicker-infested worlds of the game. It’s worth it if you are planning on buying the game anyway at full price.

What do we know about The Last of Us Part 1 PC port?

The Last of Us Part 1 PC port is based on the PS5 remake of the original PS3 game of the same name. This means that it comes with all the bells and whistles of the remake, meaning a load of accessibility options, improved exploration and combat, and the inclusion of The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC.

Naughty Dog is yet to reveal the finer details surrounding the PC port. We’d expect it to feature Ultra-Wide Monitor support as other PlayStation game ports have along with your standard PC-specific fine-tuned graphics settings and more.

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It’s currently unknown, too, whether the game is Steam Deck verified or not. Given that it is based on a PS5 game rather than PS4, we’d wager it might not be but we’re open to being pleasantly surprised.

We’ll update this page with official PC changes and upgrades when they are confirmed.

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