The Matrix Resurrections would make an amazing video game

A sequel to The Matrix trilogy released in late 2021 and it was divisive to say the least. Audiences and critics seemed unprepared for the next-level self-awareness of the film and a plot that was so meta, with Neo back in The Matrix as the designer of a Matrix-like video game, it could almost be on the verge of parody.

But I found myself in the minority. Yes, it was messy, ponderous, and overwrought. But I also found The Matrix Resurrections wonderfully idiosyncratic, and in its message about the magnetism and meaning of love, it was heartfelt and tender. I know there are many who like The Matrix for its action, but I have always been enthused about its world-building too. This is a universe where labels for humans, computers, machines, and AI have evolved, and it’s always fascinating to see how these ideas play out on screen. 

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