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No More Heroes 3 can be found on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. During the first two years of our service, Grasshopper created a new platform for the Xbox One version. To celebrate, a classic trailer was released.

In this video you can see how game sequences are sorted out by new versions, which allow higher resolution and improved graphic detail than Nintendo.

Read the official description of the game:

No More Heroes 3 follows the adventures of otaku assassin Travis Touchdown who, once again armed with his trusty Beam Katana, is taking on 10 deadliest fighters in the galaxy.

HistoryLegendary assassin Travis Touchdown returns to the garden of Madness!He’s forced to climb the ladder of the galactic superheroes to stop the evil Prince FU and his alien subjects from conquering the earth.

Breathtaking graphicsExperience the action at 60 FPS and in full HD!

Exciting fightsRack up combos with Travis Beam Katana and catch the fun of slash and smashes never seen before.

Go and see the ranksRanked Battles return to Galactic Scale. A fight of extraordinary bosses awaits Travis in his fight against aliens.

Explore a new open worldThis time around, there is much more to see than a clown! In the new model of Travis, the Demzamtiger, burn the asphalt in 4 new environments, each occupied with battles and missions that will allow you to gain cash in the costly battles of the galactic leaderboard.

In short, waiting to see whether you’ll ever get a No More Heroes 4, let’s throw ourselves into 3 o’clock.

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