The video game Soulstice is released for the new fast-paced action game

Modus Games released a PC demo for its new fast-paced game, Soulstice. To celebrate this release, the publisher shared a new cinematic trailer that you can find under the tab.

Soulstice is an action game with its protagonists being able to uncover a dark world enslaved with hidden mysteries, enlist a diverse combat system, and assemble a mix of two sisters in a new, tense fantasy story with fast and aggressive action, hard enemies and deadly boss fights.

The game promises to have fantasy-inspired world that will transport players into places filled with danger and beauty. With the vast resuscitation and the multitude of weapons and customization options, Briar and Lute could use a completely naive and creative approach to combat their enemies as they explore the city of disaster.

You can download the demo now.

Modus Games will release Soulstice on September 20th.


Soulstice – PC Demo Trailer – Future Games Show Gamescom 2022. Watch this video on YouTube.

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