The winner of Netflix’s ‘real’ Squid Game competition will become a multimillionaire

After all the Minecraft mods and YouTuber stunts, this was inevitable: Netflix is doing Squid Game for real. The streaming site is making a 10-episode competition series called Squid Game: The Challenge, and says the winner will get the largest lump sum cash prize in reality TV history: $4.56 million. 

In the Korean drama series that inspired this reality series, hundreds of contestants play children’s games in a perverse competition that sees one winner freed from debt and the losers shot and cremated. Contestants on Squid Game: The Challenge will not be executed by snipers and incinerated (“the worst fate is going home empty-handed,” said Netflix before anyone asked) , but like the fictional Squid Game, there’ll be 456 of them to eliminate. Netflix says it’s the largest ever reality TV show cast.

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