The Worst Major Video Game Releases Of 2022, According To Metacritic

Game of the Year awards for 2022 have been sprinkled throughout the industry by now, with most of them landing on Elden Ring, including The Big One at The Game Awards this year. But it was a strange year for games, and I thought we’d do a brief pass-by of some of the worst major releases of the year (via Metacritic scores), and try to recall exactly what went wrong there, lest those mistakes be repeated in the future.

Here, I’m trying to focus on major releases. As in, of course the new Postal game is the worst-reviewed game of the year. It kind of does that on purpose at this point. But others? They really were trying, and just…missed.

Gotham Knights – 68 – While this game got its fair share of supporters by the end, it just didn’t work for most players who were hoping for another game on the caliber of an Arkham mainline game. But Rocksteady is busy with Suicide Squad, and Gotham Knights just wasn’t quite what DC brawler fans were looking for. It did take pretty screenshots though, so long as they weren’t of the horrendous UI.

Tower of Fantasy – 65 – I gave this game a shot myself, as it looked like a sort of cyberpunk twist on Genshin Impact, a game I liked quite a bit. But Tower of Fantasy is confusing, feels unfinished and just lacks the polish and characterization that makes Genshin Impact worth getting into. It’s a knock-off in every sense of the word, and it just was not worth the live service time investment.

Scorn – 64 – Considering that Scorn was one of the only Xbox console exclusives out this year, I think Microsoft was hoping for a better showing than this. The grotesque aesthetics were memorable, but the game itself was not.

Saints Row – 61 – While a reboot did not seem like the worst idea for this franchise, given how wild things had gotten by Saints Row 4, the decision to leave all franchise characters behind was not a good one, nor was the game nearly as polished or expansive as it needed to be to compete in this space. Saints Row appears to have performed so badly it may have killed the franchise for the foreseeable future, with its team repurposed into other projects.

Diablo Immortal – 59 – God, did this really come out this year? Blizzard dropped this, made a bunch of money up front, and then never talked about it again. This was such a deeply frustrating releases because it’s actually a great Diablo game, almost a Diablo 3 expansion, which controls really well on mobile. But the desire to monetize it by selling powerful gems ruined the entire endgame loop in pursuit of gacha whales.

Babylon’s Fall – 40 – Something went deeply, deeply wrong with this Platinum Games/Square Enix release, which was supposed to be the birth of a brand new IP, and instead is ending with the game’s servers shutting down this February with its playercount since launch being disastrously low because of how poorly it was received. Its all-time high watermark on Steam was…1,166 concurrent players.

CrossfireX – 38 – I am going to consider this a major release, and arguably the worst one of the year, because Crossfire is actually a huge property overseas, and yet everyone involved in this adaptation for Xbox badly dropped the ball, as even the developer itself admitted that it had major issues at release. In a competitive shooter market it felt like the worst offering of the year a long margin.

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