There was nearly a Breaking Bad video game

Now that Better Call Saul is almost complete, the future of the Breaking Bad franchise looks pretty quiet. While show creator Vince Gilligan hasn’t ruled out future projects, he claims to have no other Breaking Bad projects in mind at the moment — although if things had gone another way, we could have had a whole different kind of follow-up. At one point, Gilligan strongly considered creating a Breaking Bad video game. The project never quite off the ground, though, and it’s not likely we’ll see it anytime soon.

Gilligan shared his thoughts on a Breaking Bad video game in the most recent episode of Inside the Gilliverse, a Breaking Bad podcast hosted by Eric Broadbent. Broadbent pointed out that Gilligan’s shows — down-to-earth crime dramas about charismatic criminals — share some characteristics with the Grand Theft Auto series. He asked Gilligan whether the Breaking Bad team had ever toyed with the idea of a video game adaptation.

Grand Theft Auto V, the latest entry in Rockstar’s long-running open-world criminal sim, has a number of thematic elements in common with the Breaking Bad franchise. (Image credit: Rockstar)

“There have been quite a few attempts at video games,” Gilligan explained. “Some of them kind of, sort of made it to market.” The mobile resource-management game, Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements, ran on iOS and Android for just about a year. But it never garnered much critical acclaim or a dedicated fan following, and there haven’t been any other Breaking Bad games since then.

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