Top 5 Video Game Trailers That Disappointed Fans One Way or the Other!

With every video game reveal comes a trailer. A trailer reveals almost every aspect of a game to its potential buyers. And that is the reason some companies put a lot of effort into a game’s trailer. Gamers have seen some really good trailers that are faithful to the game they are representing. But sometimes developers try to sell what they don’t have.

So, here’s a list of video game trailers that might have led to an excellent game in the end, but were somewhat disappointing to the gamers.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty


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Konami’s stealth action video game, Metal Gear Solid, got a sequel on PlayStation 2. The game was named Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and today it is counted amongst the best PlayStation 2 games. But fans were really shocked when they first played the game.

The trailer showed Snake as the protagonist of the game, and almost all the footage shown had Snake in it. But when they played the game itself, they were shocked to find out that Snake has been replaced by Raiden in the final game.

Alien: Colonial Marines

When Sega announced this game based on the popular Alien series, every fan rejoiced. They wanted a shooter that was based in the Alien universe and this new one looked pretty good. Gearbox’s reputation was also the reason for this excitement. Coming from games like Borderlands and Brothers in Arms, it appeared the developer could do no wrong.

GamerCityNews ss_d7af517d5d895a037e7bb19d7ca97 Top 5 Video Game Trailers That Disappointed Fans One Way or the Other!

The trailers of this game were highly cinematic or scripted as once the game itself shipped; fans literally could not believe a game can be so broken. It was launched in 2013 and to this day this game remains in a broken state.

Dead Island

The First Dead Island trailer was grim. People turning into zombies but in a very cinematic sad manner. The trailer actually showed some highly emotional moments. Kids turn into zombies and attack their parents, and a little boy gets chased by a bunch of zombies.

GamerCityNews Dead-Island-Riptide-fov Top 5 Video Game Trailers That Disappointed Fans One Way or the Other!

It just kept on going and that music didn’t help either. But the final game was something different altogether. It was a very comedic take on zombie games. Quirky remarks and comedic decapitations were the norms.

The game was very good indeed. Only, the trailer did not show represent it well enough.

No Man’s Sky

Hello games were really selling No Man’s Sky as something of a big deal. They kept saying it’s so huge that there are hardly any chances of two players ever seeing themselves in-game. The trailers showed it as a very smooth and engaging experience too, but in the end, gamers realized this game was lacking in many ways.

GamerCityNews nms_frontiers_featured_9_1920w.0 Top 5 Video Game Trailers That Disappointed Fans One Way or the Other!

Planets were somewhat identical to each other. There was a huge difference between what was shown and what was served. That’s what a randomly generated world does, it sometimes makes underwhelming things.

Hello Games eventually turned the game around and have finally made a perfect game out of it, but as they say, the damage was already done.

Far Cry 3


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Far Cry 3 is one of the best games Ubisoft Montreal has ever developed, but there was a problem with this game’s trailers.

GamerCityNews far-cry-3-c-16_9 Top 5 Video Game Trailers That Disappointed Fans One Way or the Other!

The trailers focused too much on Vaas, the game’s supposed antagonist, but when fans actually played this game, they came to realize that Vaas is actually killed at the end of the game’s first half.


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This never bothered some, but others saw it as a disappointment, as Vaas was indeed a very exciting presence.

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