Tournament participants gather for classic video game melee

16 players from Thompson and The Pas battled for four hours to determine the top three Super Smash Bros Melee players.

Local gamers group Northern Smash Bros., led by Colt Phillips, hosted a Super Smash Bros. Melee competition at the Thompson Regional Community Centre on July 16.

Super Smash Bros. Melee is a multi-player platform fighting game released by Nintendo in 2001 for the Gamecube system. Nintendo no longer sells this game nor, as of 2007, the Gamecube. The following of this game however, continues to be strong to this day. Tournaments that are held in the United States attract players from across the globe. The attendance is in the thousands and prize money could exceed over thousands of dollars for each of their top three players. The Melee spirit is still going strong around the world, and Thompson is just one of many communities that continues to showcase this classic game.

Northern Smash Bros.’s tournament had a total of 16 competitors, some of whom travelled from The Pas for the event, which ran for four hours before the top three were established. First place went to Thor Ducharme of The Pas, while second place and third place went to Thompson’s Darin Blacksmith and Darryl Blacksmith, respectively. Each of the top three players went home with fabulous prizes provided by local artist Anthony Clemons, Thompson Auto Wash and Candida Dysart.

Northern Smash Bros hopes that the Melee community will continue to grow and that this small tournament will become an exciting tradition, giving lifelong memories to all who have the competitive spirit.  

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