Tribes of Midgard Season 3 Release Date, Update Time & Survival Mode

The release date for when Tribes of Midgard Season 3 will be coming out has been confirmed for this week.

And based on the countdown benign run by developers Norsfell Games, it won’t be long before everyone is enjoying the new Survival Mode.

And there will be plenty of other new features to find and use when the big Midgard update goes live in August.

Tribes of Midgard – Launch Trailer



Tribes of Midgard – Launch Trailer





When Are The Tribes of Midgard Season 3 Release Date & Time?

The Tribes of Midgard Season 3 and survival mode release date and time has been set for August 16, at 12pm PDT / 8pm BST.

This is based on the countdown timer on the official Midgard site, with the new patch going live across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions when Tribes of Midgard releases on those platforms. It should be noted that Midgard will be releasing across all the above-mentioned platforms on August 16, alongside the new Season 3 update.

And while gamers will be able to play across several new platforms, Tribes of Midgard will not receive cross-play functionality in August 2022.

The most recent update on the situation was posted on the game’s official forums and reads: “Though we absolutely understand the ask for it, can’t wait to expand our tribe, and for Vikings on all platforms to come together as one (how fun would that be? As of now, we have no further information if and when Tribes of Midgard will be cross-platform enabled.”

And below, you can find news regarding the newest Tribes of Midgard features coming to the game on August 16:

Survival Mode 2.0
Survival Mode has been fully rebuilt from the ground up to transform it into a more relaxed but equally exciting Tribes of Midgard experience. Some of the more time-pressure elements of Saga Mode have been stripped away. Say goodbye to the Endless Winter and Nightly Defenses, and say hiló to a variety of Helthings and monsters to hack and slash through in the wild.

The Volcanic Spire
A whole new Biome has been added to the world of Midgard: We dare you to go for a swim in the molten rivers. We know you’ll do it anyway. Every new World will be able to access the Volcanic Spire. This molten landmass serves as the central battlefield in the Einherjar’s fight to repel the Inferno invasion and take down your biggest enemy to date. This area is only able to be entered by progressing through the new Saga Quest: Inferno, which aims to prepare you for the extreme heat (and threats) when ascending the Spire.

Saga Quest: Inferno
A new Inferno Saga Quest will guide Einherjar on their journey to access the remote and dangerous Volcanic Spire. As part of Surtr’s invasion strategy, a number of Volcanic Outposts have been seen emerging across every Biome in Midgard. These emergent encampments contain a host of Surtr’s forces that can be quick to overwhelm you if you stumble into one unprepared.

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