Twitch streamer WillNeff hilariously mocks HasanAbi’s wardrobe choices

Twitch streamer William “WillNeff” mocked left-wing political commentator Hasan “HasanAbi” for his poor wardrobe choices on a recent stream. As one of the most popular personalities on the Amazon-owned platform, WillNeff can usually be found showcasing his skills in titles like GTA 5, League of Legends, Halo Infinite, Super Auto Pet, and many more.

Yet sometimes, in true WillNeff fashion, he tries to make his streams more entertaining instead of just gaming for several hours straight. This is precisely when his comic side is on full show. Neff usually has a lot of funny stories or quips to share with his audience, and his recent livestream was no different.

Viewer from WillNeff’s chat draws a comparison between his and HasanAbi’s wardrobes

In addition to the criticism coming Hasan’s way due to his recent controversy with xQc, WillNeff thoughts regarding their wardrobes were somewhat light-hearted.

While having fun interactive sessions with his chatroom viewers, Will suddenly noticed a message in the chat that compared his outfit to HasanAbi’s. After reading the message out loud, the GTA streamer looked quite surprised as he was just in his pajamas. The Twitch powerhouse instantly replied:

“Bro these are my pyjamas.”

That’s not all, but more interestingly, trying to make his point even more clear to the viewers, Will got up from his gaming chair for a full OOTD show. Showcasing his banana-printed black PJ set on livestream, the 100 Thieves streamer exclaimed:

“What the f*ck. These are my pyjamas dude. I’m in my PJs dude. Dude, that’s actually funny though, that my PJ’s look like what Hasan wears out.”

Fans react to the comparison between WillNeff and HasanAbi’s wardrobes

As expected, the slight mocking elicited a few interesting responses on Reddit as well as Twitch. Viewers on the Twitch chat could not contain their laughter as they spammed various laughing emojis. Needless to say, his viewers found the entire clip pretty much hilarious.

HasanAbi has been at the center of attention ever since his scathing remarks against xQc’s tier ranking system. The feud between the popular Twitch personalities began when the Canadian streamer placed Hasan in the ‘B’ tier (third tier), and suggested that he was not as versatile as others on the list.

As one can imagine, the American streamer was not at all pleased with his ranking and went on to have a serious rant session against xQc on his alternate Twitter account that has been made private ever since.

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