Twitch streamers may soon be able to share banlists with other channels

In the never-ending fight to make chat tolerable, Twitch is testing new safety tools that warn streamers and mods when a user has been banned in other channels. We caught a glimpse of the new vetting tool during a demo presentation of Guest Star, a new feature that lets users appear on streams as a video guest with the approval of the streamer.

As shared by Zach Bussey on Twitter (opens in new tab), before a user is approved to be a guest star, mods can see if they’ve been flagged by Twitch as a “suspicious user” or “serial harasser.” This apparently reflects information already surfaced by Twitch, but the “shared ban” tag appears to be new.

(Image credit: Twitch)

Twitch did not go into detail about it, but the tag suggests that it’ll be possible to share a list of your channel’s user bans with other streamers.

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