Valorant devs respond after players think new Agent was teased in music video

A Valorant developer has cleared up rumors that there may have been a tease for the next agent in the Fire Again music video, as it’s actually just a familiar face.

With a new agent set to be released in Valorant before long, fans of Riot Games’ 5vs5 tactical shooter are looking forward to seeing what a fresh face will bring to the fight.

While we don’t yet have a name or the abilities for the new agent, teasers have pointed towards an Indian agent that possibly has abilities centered around water seeing as there is a possible connection to the Hindu god Varuna – who is seen as the god of the ocean.

Though teasers have so far been a bit limited, some fans believed that they’d spotted a new one in the music video for Fire Again – Riot’s new song for VCT Champions 2022 in Istanbul. However, it looks like they’ve jumped the gun on that one.

Riot Games shuts down new agent teaser rumor in Fire Again video

Shortly after the catchy new tune was released, eagle-eyed fans like Redditor AtriaX2k set about trying to find clues in the music video related to the new agent.

The biggest, potential clue about a new agent they seemingly spotted came in the form of a ball of smoke, that some suggested could be the discharge from some sort of water blast ability. “Considering the new agent is supposed to be a “Varun Batra” who has some water bending-like abilities, it seems like he might be a controller!’” the Redditor said.

However, Riot Games’ Eric Margusity, the global creative director on Valorant Esports, chimed in to shut those theories down. “It’s Sage,” he said, responding to a few inquisitive players.

That will, naturally, disappoint some players who thought they were on to something and had found an interesting secret in the video.

There are a few other easter eggs in the video, though, with a whole host of notable Valorant pros getting a starring role. As for the next agent, we’ll just have to be patient on that front.

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