Valve just fixed my biggest complaint about the Steam Deck

Wow. I’ve been playing with the Steam Deck regularly since I reviewed it in February, and every update Valve has released over the past two months has made something about the Deck a little bit better. But the most recent update, currently in beta testing, is far and away the most significant, dramatically improving the Steam Deck’s most obvious flaw: its noisy fan.

We wrote a separate article on launch day about the Steam Deck’s fan noting how loud it is when it’s trying to keep the powerful AMD hardware cool. Volume isn’t the Deck fan’s only problem: because of its size or the fan’s design, when it spins up to full speed it produces a particularly whiny noise. Steam Deck fans have started talking about the fan lottery because of the two different fan models present in different Steam Decks. I don’t have two Decks to test side-by-side, but I can say that I notice the fan every time I use the Steam Deck. It’s a nuisance I’ve been willing to put up with, but the latest update brings the Deck in line with the quiet Nintendo Switch, at least when playing less demanding games.

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